FlyPa Bewertung - Very bad. Disappointed.

FlyPa - Very bad. Disappointed.


After 3 weeks of valet parking, they delivered my car with a flat rear tire. So there I was: Standing with a one year old baby, luggage and a car with a flat tire. The FlyPa guy did not show any concern about this situation and told me to "Just drive to a gas station". It is completely unacceptable that I receive my car in this state, as I gave it to them in excellent condition. What's even worse is that I was forced to drive this car to the gas station. This is very unsafe with flat tires and I felt uncomfortable having to take a one year old baby along with me in this dangerous situation, just to fix FlyPa's problem. I do not recommend FlyPa.

You get your car back

Not qualified employee

Ilyas does NOT recommend FlyPa to friends/family

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