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The worst Parking service imaginable. Do not use them

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We travel regularly & have used them in Munich in the past due to the discounts they offer the company we work for. Every time we use them we have nothing but trouble.
On most occasions, they say they can't find the booking (this has happened 5 times now) every time they eventually find the booking an offer no apology. The staff are extremely rude, on the last occasion we were screamed at by an older man with an earing for arriving 45 mins early for our booking. Even though we apologised the man kept screaming at us and told us that he didn't want our business or the business we work for. They smoke in the office so everytime you walk out you smell like you have been in a nightclub. The car they use is old & beaten down. They also hate anyone who speaks English which just makes the situation worse. We will never use the again and we have told the company we work for about the treatment we received from them so a company wide email can go out about the disgusting service we received.